May 26, 2020
  • May 26, 2020
Why wouldn't you mystery shop ?

Why wouldn’t you mystery shop ?

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The vast majority of us shop at one time or another. If we don’t shop then we go out for a meal or a coffee or a pint. The fact is that we spend money in various places during the course of a normal week. All mystery shopping does is put some money in your pocket for these occasions. Why wouldn’t you mystery shop ?

Stay with me for a few minutes as I let you know the places I have mystery shopped recently to get an idea of how it could help you. At the end of this short article I want you to ask yourself the question –

Why wouldn’t you mystery shop ?

Why wouldn't you mystery shop ? What does it mean to you?

The family meal

At a popular location restaurant I got to treat my family of three (including me) to a meal which was covered by the reimbursement and the fee. Although I didn’t walk away with any money in my pocket (or my bank account to be more precise) I did get to feed myself and the kids. In return I had to –

  • Spend around 5 minutes reading the notes so I was ready
  • Time certain points in the restaurant such as how long top be served, how long for the label to be cleared
  • Remember the name and description of all who served me (notes on the iPhone works perfectly here)
  • Take a photo of my meal and of the venue
  • Spend around 10 minutes filling out the report online afterwards

I think that’s a price worth paying.

A coffee and cake – Why wouldn’t you mystery shop ?

A multinational coffee chain was the next destination. I got two free coffees, two treats and still made a little extra money on the side. I found this even easier than the family meal as there were no distractions from the kids. It is an easy way to get a free coffee, especially if you were going for one anyway.

Why wouldn't you mystery shop ? Coffee and cake.

Some free groceries

This was in my town, right next to the supermarket I usually visit. I popped into his other, smaller supermarket on the way there. While there, I had to make an enquiry on the shop floor and then buy some items at the till. I was looking for cleanliness, clear aisles and great customer service, including queue management. It took a couple of minutes each for the preparation, the shop and the online feedback. Easy money!

Why wouldn’t you mystery shop ?

And these are not the only places you can mystery shop…

If you don’t spend your time like this then there are other opportunities that you might like to gain from. The use of social media by companies is under the spotlight and they are always looking for mystery shoppers to send a tweet or fill in a contact form to see the response times and quality.

Bookmakers are a popular UK mystery shopping destination and I’ve even seen mystery shops to hotels or for holidays in my time after you have worked up to the required level. I’m sure that there are opportunities out there for you. Why wouldn’t you mystery shop indeed?

If you are thinking about becoming a mystery shopper but don’t know which way to turn then my book is the ideal place to start. It is available on the Amazon Kindle store now.